Understanding complex environments

Alcis is a geographic information services company that specialises in providing insight and understanding in Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS).

The company harnesses the power of using remotely sensed imagery and other geographic data to locate, identify and understand complex phenomena in hard to reach areas, where access may be dangerous or difficult.

Through its collaboration with research partners in this GCRF project, Alcis will support the development of new and innovative research methodologies and means of visualising and communicating complex research findings more effectively.

Richard Brittan
Project Manager

I have a passion for making geospatial data, analysis and visualisation relevant to users.

I am the Founder of Alcis, a geographic information services company that enables better understanding of complex environments.  I have extensive experience in Afghanistan and other fragile countries, where I have worked continuously since 2002 with the US and UK governments, NATO, multilateral development agencies and research organisations, to provide solutions across key policy and operational areas. This includes designing and implementing data collection, decision support and monitoring and evaluation systems

David Piesse

I have over 18 years of experience in web development, 13 years in Geogragphic Information Systems (GIS) and have been working within this sector for the past 4 years.

I have worked on projects for the United Nations (UN), global insurance firms, telecoms companies, and start-ups integrating geospatial technologies with their web presence.
I have participated in several hackathons, and contribute to the open source community.

Madeleine Alston
GIS Analyst

Having graduated from the University of Exeter in July 2017 with a Upper Second Class degree in Physical Geography, I joined Alcis as the newest member of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team. Since then I have conducted and developed geospatial and remote sensing techniques in Afghanistan. My work has ranged from quantitative data analysis, interpretation of satellite imagery, digitisation, crop identification, investigation into the inter-annual variability of NDVI, and map production. I will continue this variety of geospatial analysis throughout this GCRF project to aid research.

I have a particular interest in the effect of climate change and climate extremes on crop yield and vulnerable populations, in fragile and conflict affected states.

I have contributed to the map products presented in David Mansfield’s paper ‘Still Water Runs Deep: Illicit Poppy and the Transformation of the Deserts of Southwest Afghanistan’. I am also currently writing a Medium article providing a data driven approach to better understand the reservoir phenomenon and subsequent agricultural expansion in Southwest Afghanistan.

Matt Angell
GIS Manager

Between 2006 – 2010 I enlisted with British military, with experience in supporting multi-national groups with geo-spatial intelligence and analysis as well as managing spatial datasets.  
In 2010 – 2013 I was based in Afghanistan supporting the British Embassy in Kabul with geo-spatial analytical support for counter-narcotics policy in addition to capacity building of local nationals in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Ministry of Counter Narcotics.
Between 2013 – present, I have supported multiple national aid funded projects with monitoring and evaluation using satellite imagery and remote sensing analytical techniques to better inform stakeholders and donors.

I have provided research support to multiple papers typically focusing on livelihoods of rural communities in Afghanistan