Policy Frontiers: Drugs, development and peacebuilding trilemma

Workshop organised by: CIPADH or the Centre for Research and Action on Peace and Human Rights and the Centre for the Study of Illicit Economies, Violence and Development (CIVAD) at SOAS.

Funded by: UKRI Consolidator Grant

On May 5th 2023, 26 stakeholders and experts came together at a workshop to discuss drugs, development, and peacebuilding in Colombia. Participants discussed the trilemma concept which points to significant trade-offs between the objectives of peace, development and drug control, indicating that it is impossible to achieve all three simultaneously. This concept was developed by the Drugs & (Dis)order team, as a result of project discussions and research. 

Workshop participants included: peasant, Afro and indigenous leaders from different parts of the country, representatives of national and international NGOs and research organisations/thinktanks, functionaries of the National Crop Substitution Program – PNIS, National Land Agency and District Health Service, members of senators’ technical teams, officials from the British and French embassies and academic/activist experts. Read the summary blog of workshop discussions.