Voices from the borderlands 2020

Voices from the borderlands 2020

Illicit drugs, development and peacebuilding

Voices from the borderlands 2020 gives light to some of the voices of people involved in illicit drug economies in seven borderland communities of Afghanistan, Colombia, and Myanmar. Together these are three of the world’s largest drug producing countries, all have experienced years of violent conflict and in the midst of some form of peace process.

These testimonies offer valuable insights into how illicit drugs – and drug policies – impact the dynamics of violence and peace, poverty and development, and insecurity and resilience.

You can download the full PDF report and policy brief, or dive into a chapter in the digital version below. Spanish, Dari, Pashto, Burmese, Shan and Jinghpaw translations are coming soon. Read more about Voices from the borderlands 2020.

Download: Español, Dari, Pashto

Voices from Colombia

Voices from coca growers, pickers and community leaders in three Colombian borderland regions.

Voices from Afghanistan

Voices from opium traders and transporters in two Afghanistan borderland provinces.

Voices from Myanmar

Voices from communities affected by rising drug use in two Myanmar borderland states.

A policy impasse and way forward

The challenges and ways forward to better integrate drugs, development and peacebuilding policy.


What the voices from the borderlands tell us about war-to-peace transitions, borderland development, and drugs and everyday lives.

Policy implications

Important insights and implications for policy from Voices from the borderlands 2020.